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Episode 12 - An old friend

Julia doesn't want to meet Sammy's old friends. What is she nervous about?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, I have old friends from my school. His name is Fernando and he is 32 years old, but I don´t see him for 2 years. He lives next to my parents' house.

Hello! Could you explain me this sentence please: " We are going to Tony's for dinner". Why Sammy sad "to Tony`s..." but not "to Tony..." Thanks.

Hello Al,

In this case, 'Tony's' means 'Tony's house' or 'Tony's place'. This is quite common in informal speaking and writing.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I dont see old friends at all because I don't have any. I've got some new friends. We usually meet at our work, sometimes at a cafe or cinema or party. Unfortunately, I am not friends with any of my old teachers.

I occasionally see them. I met them very casually. No, they are

It could be interesting to keep in touch with your teachers. I'd like to visit them but I don't know when even because now I live in another country so it could be not very easy to visit them. I hope one day to have a chance.

Yes, I sometime see my friends at school.

yes i'm friends with old teacher in university. i meet my old friends one time of two weeks.

I have some old fiens especially from university. We met sometimes. I don't think so if I have an old teacher as friend.

I usually see my old friend and I am meet him in our cities.

Yes, I am