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Why dogs stick their heads out of car windows

Have you ever wondered why dogs put their heads out of car windows? Watch this video and learn more about this common behaviour.

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I have had several of them. I love pets especially cats because they are cute and very funny, playful little creatures.
My current one is a he-cat, still a kitten but extremely brilliant when it comes to hunting. Without freaking, it can climb up walls very fast and make broad leaps so as to make a catch.
In the beginning I had to spend ample time showing him all the secret places where he could find prey like mice, lizards, etc. It was fun to see the curiosity in his face when he made several attempts in vain to a kill. I would make him feel positive though. I would have him feed on sardines and milk just to cheer him up.
Now, he has become very much independent and hunts whenever he wants to. I do not have to worry so much when he goes out to venture in the woods amongst the deadliest preys and the wildest cats out there.

When I was a young kid, I had a white cat but someone had burnt its whiskers, tortured it and the cat died horribly. I was also chased by dogs so I’ve never liked dogs. I always feel uneasy around dogs, even now. I’m a little afraid of their licking and their barking get on my nerves. I guess I never have my luck with dogs.

The video is useful, but the music it's little bit high, so it's hard to understand the speaker, because music hurt my ears, hope make voice of the speaker over than the music.

I like dogs because they’re loyal, this reminds me of Akim my first dog i used to have back in my country very interesting and protective companion.

I really like pets, especially dogs, why because they are very loyal and so grateful. I recalled memories about pet dog Tintu. Tintu was very friendly ours and most dangerous towards strangers even though he had bitten three strangers who were passing in front of our home. Two years back he met an accident and died at the spot. Those of our family members was so sad about his fate.