Trousers أم Pants؟ هل تستطيع أن تحدد الفرق؟


قم بتأدية المهمة التمهيدية أولا. ثم شاهد الفيديو. بعد ذلك اذهب للمهمة وقم بتأدية النشاط. اذا احتجت مساعدة، يمكنك قراءة النص فى أى وقت.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


He is coming from the US, he is originally from the UK. I think it would be better if he is from the US. even for the accent!. don't you agree?

I have some diffcult to understand this

Hello dema-abu yousef,

If you find this video difficult, I would suggest you try Starting Out or Elementary Podcasts, which are both a bit easier and have more resources to help you understand.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

im afried idont spiking english very will

hmmmmm  yeah :p

very nice but I prefer british English

Just as 2nd language, you find that Normal American versio is more common with many people I met...

I think that American English is lost common then British English is not it?
Good bay  bejebj from Algeria

Hi everyone
I would like know if the children in UK learn American English and children in US do too?
Your breather bejebj from Algeria Good bay.

hmmmm good because am learning english as a second language and i find it difficult to dinstinguish between american and british enlish