Listen to the conversation between two old friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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Intermediate: B1


I have two question about the listening:
Taks 1, question 2
Selina still lives in London. She still lives in London because her parents live in London. Thus question is True.
Taks 1, question 3
Selina didn't like her job in London
This sentences about job? I was in London for a couple of years. But it didn't work out.
Thanks in advance

Yeah, I'm seeing my old friend. They are my classmate at school and we know each other for 16 years.

No, I haven't kept in touch with my old friends, because we are staying in different city that are so far.

I keep in touch with my 2 friends since we were 6 years old child. Because we are the best friends. I also communicate with my university mates. They are closer than my classmates. Actually I graduated university 3 years ago. It is not such a long time. It can be the main cause of keeping in touch still. I wish I will converse with them for the rest of my life.

Yes but only by msg from WhatsApp. Unfortunatelly.

Unfortunately living down under New Zealand doesn't make keeping in touch with old friends easy. Thanks to social media we are able to know what old friends have been up to or have become and viewing their photos. I recently had a visit of a friend I haven't seen since we were 5 years old. We are now both married and have kids. Our children got on really well. We spent a whole week talking about the good old days at Primary school and our friends in the area where we grew up.

every task that I open have give me this
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is this something wrong? or its just me?


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yes, we are ever keep in touch once a year.

not really, I have rarely meet with them