Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I love to bake so the oven is really my best friend in the kitchen.

I always use a tin opener because I have a lot of canned food.
Also, I don't have a dishwasher, so I have to use washing up liquid on a sponge to wash my dishes.
I hate junk food, because I think It's unhealthy. For that reason, I always cook my own food.

In my kitchen i use kettles, mixer, vegetable peeler, i dont use microwave oven ,grinder and of course kitchen gloves and kitchen aprons.

For me, the most important thing in a kitchen, you haven't on your list, is the cooker.

normally the kitchen utensils that I use frequently are: the saucepan, frying pan, the microwave, sink, the bin and the dishwasher. Other utensils that I use and aren't on the list are the blender and the stove.

Normally the most of things I use in my kitchen are saucepan, frying pan, sink, sponge, fridge, bin and microwave. Some things which are not in the list in my kitchen are chopboard, knife, and apron.

i use bin to put my slipper


the most thing available in my kitchen freezer, fridge, bin, frying pan, sponge, sink these things available in my kitchen.
and these things are not available in my kitchen dishwasher, saucepan, oven, microwave, toaster, tin opener.

Some times I cook in home, for dinner, and I use frying pan by preparing meat. I don't use saucepan because I don't like prepare soup
Everyday I use sponge for wash dishes.