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Listen to and watch our most popular English learning podcasts and videos in LearnEnglish Audio & Video! 

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Improve your English listening skills

In LearnEnglish Audio & Video, you'll find the best podcasts and videos offered on the LearnEnglish website on topics such as UK food and culture, everyday life and famous stories and poems. Extra features such as a moving audioscript and pitch control have been added  in the app to help with listening and understanding the podcasts.

Audioscript, glossary and pitch control help you take control of your learning

Click any part of the audioscript to jump to that section or listen again. If you're finding the audio too fast, slow it down using the pitch control (iOS only). If you don't know a word, use the built-in glossary to see the definition. Test how much of the episode you've understood by answering the comprehension exercises.

Cool media player functions

Listen to the podcasts and watch the videos and read the highlighted audioscript or enter full screen video mode in landscape orientation. Switch easily between comprehension questions, the tapescript and glossary.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below.


Hi there,

Thanks for leaving us a comment and we're sorry to hear that the app is not working well for you.  Could I just ask you to check that you are using the LearnEnglish Audio & Video app? Because there are no advertisements. There are advertisements in the LearnEnglish Podcast app - is that the app you're using?


The LearnEnglish Mobile team

Hi i realy want to learn english and i want to know if this app is free or not.

Hi VasileF,

Thank you for supporting LearnEnglish Audio & Video!

This is a freemium app, you can download the app for free and enjoy the six free episodes. It's also offering in-app purchases and you are welcome to purchase more in-app content in 'Store'.

We hope you continue to enjoy learning through the British Council’s LearnEnglish apps!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Mobile team

hi there,
is it possible to modify the app so that we get 2 or 3 seconds before listening the next sentence?
and why not: ad q third speed,a little slower than X1?
many thx
what a great app!

Hi poussvite, 

Thanks for leaving us a comment! Right now, we only have two speeds: 1x which is the normal speed and 0.5x which is a slightly slower speed. I will definitely pass on your feedback and suggestions about speed and pauses to our development team.

We hope you continue to enjoy the British Council's LearnEnglish apps!

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Mobile Team

hi please i am new member here ..can any one tell me about the listening videos or as well live practice if any one available on Skype add me plzz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mian Hamza,
It's great that you want to practise so much but please remember our House Rules, which ask users not to post or ask for any personal information such as email addresses, Skype names and so on.  This is because we have some members who are under eighteen years of age and so we must be careful with personal data.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi every one
im new learnerplz guide for learn

Hello amjadhussain47,

Welcome! A lot of our users have learned a lot by using LearnEnglish by themselves. I'd suggest you try the Elementary Podcasts. Start with series 3 episode 1. First, listen to the one or two sections of the podcast, and then read the transcript (under Instructions & downloads) as you listen. Then do the exercises that correspond to the sections you've listened to.

You should choose some useful phrases from what you've listened to and imitate their pronunciation - repeat those words and phrases many times. Pronounce whole phrases, not just words, because the pronunciation of words in English changes according to context. Repeat these phrases until they're relatively easy to say.

Then try to use these phrases with English speakers that you meet in the library or wherever you go. This will help you learn to use them correctly and to remember them.
When you find some grammar that you want to learn more about, consult the grammar pages, but I think you will learn more in general by using the Elementary Podcasts.

Good luck!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I can download this application for laptop or not please reply