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Renting a house

Listen to four different people talking about their experiences with renting accommodation to practise and improve your listening skills.

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From my point of view, i think buying a house is better.

As a person that has rented several apartments in different cities, I think affording an apartment is not the most important point for buying one. I would buy an apartment where I am sure that I am going to stay for a long period of time. Of course, I assumed I afford it! My own apartment brings me the freedom of how to decorate it, not being worried of the owner or making a small hole in the wall for the board, etc. However, it is costlier than a rental apartment, on short time scales, since I need a loan to pay for it. Hence, I would go for buying an apartment whenever I am very much sure that I am going to live there for years and years.

Personally, I think that most of the time it's better to buy a house if you can afford it, of course, but also it depends on the situation if you are a person who moves very often you should rent a house instead. buying a house nowadays is too difficult for an average person even for a family and it's getting worse each day everything gets more expensive, so if you have the opportunity of buying a house you should think carefully about what kind of house and neighborhood you want to live in.

Dear Kirk,
Plz explain me this sentence: "I'm averaging three stars because of one bad review that brought my average down from four and a half stars". Thanks you

Hello Hoàng Nhung,

We'll be happy to help you, but I think it will be easier if you can tell us which part of the sentence you find confusing. Is it a particular phrase, for example, or something about the way the sentence is structured?



The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Peter,
The structure of sentence is ok. I think the meaning of the sentence:
The landlord for rent his house, he was averaging price of house at four and a half star but he is underselling the house at three stars because of one bad review. But he thinks that he will raise prices on tourist season. Is it correct ?

Hello again Hoàng Nhung,

On various online sites there is a reviewing system which averages out the reviews a particular seller or product has to provide an overall score.

Let's say a landlord rents out his house five times. The first person gives him five stars and the second gives him four stars, so his average is four and a half (9/2=4.5. But then the next person gives him zero stars. Now his average is only three (9/3=3). In this situation he might say 'I'm averaging three stars because of one bad review that brought my average down from four and a half stars'.



The LearnEnglish Team

Oh, I have to check the paragraph again.
Thank you very much Peter

I want to buy a house so i can decorate it's up to me.

If all the living conditions remain stable in the future, it may be better to rent a house rather than buy it. Then you won't need to get a big portion of your capital blocked in that.
How ever, it is actually impossible to witness a zero inflation in the society and house prices will continually be increasing. Therefore it looks like our money are losing its value. Accordingly many people tend to buy a house, so they not only provide their shelter, but also are making their investment.