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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


yes , I think because technology grow more day by day and make new things for comfort life and unfortunately the earth getting hot day by day and living here getting hard so we need find place for living . I think one day human can live on Mars.

As far as I know, Mars only has one per cent air of earth's air, consists of carbon dioxygen, which is impossible for human beings to live in; not mention that all the water in Mars is frozen now, which is a necessity for people's life. So based on the lack of the two facts, it is so far not realistic for people to live in Mars unless the atmosphere would have changed.

In order to improve my skills in English especially in listen skill , I set plan for one month to improve my score from A2 to B1 , I hope I will capable to hear easily and can to do exercise in any website.
Yes I can to achieve 6 score in IELTS exam and get opportunity for scholarship in Phd in pediatric nursing.

Best wishes for all

Yes, I do actually. As we could see Mars gets the suitable environment for people to live on as it used to have water which could obviously sustain human's life. I believe that part of us will move up to there in the future when we invent the equipment that could send us to Mars safely. I would like to be one of that.(∩▽∩)

To be honest, I think humanity would find its own destruction before being able to get to Mars at least. Apparently Governments are eager to start a great war and that means there would be a lot of destruction and therefore, the projects to reach Mars would be affected and delayed.
I have to admit it'd be great to see humanity reaching that planet. Something totally historical.

I think that the people can’t live on Mars, because there aren’t the normal condition to allow the human life (extreme temperature excursion, less gravity , air composition etc). Furthermore on Mars there aren’t any kind of food for the human. But in the future, after a important develop of space travel will can possible only visit the planet and stay few day, and the people will try the life on the space and over other planet.

Mars cannot support life due to the attributes listed. However, we have to protect the earth and make it a better place because it remains the only home for human existence

If mars is possible for human life When the earth would be destroyed. In my opinion, I wouldn't be the who fly to mars including all of you.

I absolutely believe that there will never be life on Mars, but we should save our planet instead of thinking about life on Mars.
To make our planet greener

Maybe...Elon Musk has already sent a car to there for future's people. But in that theme I can be negative. Because, I suppose not people of Earth are ready to live on Mars. İnstead of planning living on Mars, humans could make better life on Earth!

Does anyone agree with my opinion?