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Arriving late to class

Listen to the conversation between two students to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


I try to make an effor to understand the class but if I'm in trouble I just write the topic in a post-it and when I go back home I just search or whatch some videos on YouTube to find a solution.

I used to ask some friends but I think it might be annoying and I don't want to distract them.

Usually, I ask for help from my colleagues. Or when I can understand the lecture, or I'm not in the mood to be concentrated I record the lecture and then I listen to it at the house. And also I take notes of important things and revise them at home. But most of the time I prefer to study on my own, I can understand lessons better and master them, lectures I see as an obligation, not necessary.
My introvert type doesn't allow me to raise my hand and to ask a question in front of other students.

I'm kind of shy, so usually when I don't understand something, I write it down on my notebook with a big exclamation mark and then either at break time or when I'm back home, I go through my notes and if I still can't get it ,I search it on the Internet. Most of the time, I end up understanding it, if not I ask for it in the next class.

I will ask my teacher directly or ask my friend who next me.

If I can't understand what the teacher says, I would ask some friends in the class after the class end.

It's a funny story but I spent over five years in University understanding almost nothing. Still don't know why I chose this specialization. I hadn't any obsession with radio engineering. So, I mostly pretended that I understand what lecturers said and hoped to pass exams. Considering that I graduated from university, I did that successfully. Anyway, it was hard years though. We studied lots of difficult subjects and exams were tough. But, after I finished my study, I realized that I can achieve any goal I want to. That was a fundamental experience that helps me again and again.

Hi everyone,
When I didn't catch what teacher said, I asked him say again. Sometimes I couldn't get their words so I asked him help me to make sense for it .

I will ask the student near me to summary in two-line what we are studying. and if I can't I will try to make an effort to understand what the teacher said and guess what the subject.

I think I'll ask then about that to my friends. But if I haven't understood yet, I'll ask to my teacher after the class. When I don't understand something, I cannot rise my hand in the class, because there are a lot of people in the classroom, so I'll ask about that after class.