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Making a decision

Listen to a meeting in which colleagues make a decision to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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In the company where I´m currently working we discuss decisions through dialogue. My coordinator and I are in sync about everything that happens at work, and we share opinions with each other in order to solve problems.
Cheers from Madrid.

We make also some project decisions at the work, even at study. To develop our project work every one of the team members is very active while making a decision. All decisions will be accepted by the team leaders, and if it needs to adapt for them then the team leader can be concluded to the best ones.

in our school the decisions is made by voting

Where I'm working at the moment, the decision made after to read the majority team. My boss is very competent and he knows to give his opinion and to listen to other opinions about anything. In my company, peoples are more important and everybody know to make the better decision I think because they feel happy and security to telling about what they think.

When I was working my boss just give the order and I change everything with the aim to get a better performance and hand in the best results.

Where I work the decisions made according to the type of decision, sometimes the manager follow structured approach and agile approach in other times.

Our team leader discusses the best choice with all of us and after considering the suggestion from us, the team leader makes the best decision. So the main decision is made from Team leader, but we are free to add any ideas and to ask detail information about; how long the project will last, which is our role in the project and how much they are going to pay us for our job that has to be done.

Sorry, I thought the discussion was about management project approaches. About decisions , we used to discuss them first, share opinions about every suggestion, and if we failed to all agree on something, we ended up taking a vote.

When I was at university, we followed agile methodology when developing projects, because it was more effective and flexible. In software engineering, the customer doesn't often have clear ideas about what he needs, he might know the main features and objectives of the system he'd like, but his requirements may change throughout the project execution, that's why adopting an agile approach is the best decision in such a case.

I usually given my opinion and let my team Flexibility to make a decision, but almost my opinion being good for them.