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The victims of drug trafficking since 2006, with the war on drugs to the present 250 thousand people have died, registered, in 2006 the rate was 10.89 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, when his term ended, the rate doubled with Enrique peña and followed the same path.

Investigating more on the subject, we find that in Mexico 41.9% of the population is in poverty and 7.4 in extreme poverty, that is from 2008 to 2018, that means 52.4 million people are in poverty and 9.3 million of people in extreme poverty.
To this we add that 6.9% of the population is vulnerable due to income.
awareness and action are needed on this issue.

Speaking of Apple, 2019 sales were reported for the second fiscal quarter and the data was as follows:
- Revenue between $55 billion and $59 billion
- Gross margin between 37% and 38%
- Operational expenditure between 8.5 and 8.6 billion dollars
- Other income/(expenditure) of $300 million
- Tax rate of approximately 17%.
Without a doubt the company has had better years of sales. In spite of its new strategies it has not seen a real drop.

The municipal president of Chignahuapan, Puebla has implemented health measures, such as reducing the audience capacity to 33 percent, so that the Festival of Light and Life is held in the municipality. This will make the tourist visits are reduced and therefore also the municipal economy.

A very important topic is aporophobia, this concept is "new" (it’s a little known topic) even though it has been practiced for decades. But what is aporophobia? This is the fear or contempt for poor people. It is a very recurrent theme in migration, more than 80 percent of migrants suffer from it. It is a negative factor that affects millions of individuals, its practice has increased in recent years and not much is done about it in Mexico and around the world

Statistics is a science, which with data, figures and numbers seeks to solve problems. I have used it for deep research. I have seen in the last semester its function and its application. It is applied in areas such as economics, politics, the arts, health, and more. we can got the data from surveys, experiments, etc.

with the "de la huerta-lamont" protocol, mexico under president porfirio díaz, the mexican railroads were restored, but the debt accumulated since 1907 is 242 million dorales.

AMLO's economic policy
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented "the new economic policy in the coronavirus times"where it is mentioned that the fall of the neoliberal model was provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic which is why you think create a new model that is based five principles that are related;democracy, justice, honesty, austerity and well-being, each of these principles were defined.In order to boost this growth, it is necessary to strengthen microeconomics as it is very important for that money base to exist the State must comply with promoting development so that there are projects driven by himself.

In my country, the increase in femicides is increasing, each time more cases of murders of women are heard in the news, in 2020 it increased by 7.7%. From January to June of this year there have been 489 femicides, 7 to 10 women are murdered per day. These numbers are too sad ):

I will talk about violance against women in Mexico, numeric data of this year are awesome. According with the secretary of public security, between January and April of 2020 recording 33,240 crimes against women, He said that 58% are for malicious injuries, other 16% culpable injuries and finally 3% crimes against women´s life and integrity.
It´s important to say that to have a increase feminicides when the quarantine start.
Mexico has one of the higuest feminicide rates in the world. This social problem has been recurrent problem in the life of mexican families, and the fault accion for erradicate this promblem on the part of the goverment is a serious problem