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Getting advice

Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


I feel anxious because I don’t have job I finished university the last year and I still here stuck looking for a job in a country with awful economy, I was thinking in start my own web business but I need money to start it I thought seriously in call for a loan making an important risk. Everybody have dreams someday travel around the world, buy a house, make a family, help his parents and give support to his family with everything they needs, this situation is frustrating and sad. But everything going to be better, I know.

When people look at you and make a faking smile, particularly at work or study.

what make me anxious to talk to teacher if i had not completed the assignments or asking to them for help.To meet new people who are elder then me also makes me anxious.

What makes me feel nervous? Well, actually a lot of things. First of all, my future. As a father of two kids, I badly want to be confident in my future, in terms of finance. Parentship is a great responsibility. You brought your kids in this world and have to give them everything they need: warm and safe house, food, clothes, education, medicine, toys, of course, etc. I think every parent in the world fears losing one's job and become insolvent, so do I.
Another thing, that makes me sad and anxious, it's the present situation in my country. Unfortunately, the war came in our state. Some territory is occupated, many people dead, and, despite the war activity is decline a bit, almost every week we lose another soldier in this conflict.
In this case, I can't name the life in my country very safe and happy. All of us continue to think about another war escalation so close to our houses.
There are lots of other problems that I keep in mind: bad ecology, financial crisis, the high level of corruption and criminality here.
Well, that's it.

Hello team, my greatest anxiety is when I do not meet the marks target in my studying. For example, last year when I had a plan to get an A from the subject of bibliographic control and thinks got different when I had B+ Instead

Dear team.
From the lesson above.
'Maybe even a lot'
Is that the same if he say :' maybe happening many time' ?
Is it same meaning or not??
Thank you very much for your answer

Hi Fahri, from my perspective about the above lesson, when Ben says "Maybe even a lot' i think he means to express the feeling that he has gone through those panic attacks or the related that he doesn't remember and the even a lot of that feeling.

Hello fahri,

The phrase here describes how bad the speaker's struggles have been, not how often:

Ben: I have to admit, I'm struggling a bit. Maybe even a lot. I've not been sleeping well at all and then I can't concentrate. And all these things are just going around and around in my head.

The contrast here is struggling a bit (not such a terrible problem) and maybe even a lot (a serious problem).



The LearnEnglish Team

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this answer. Thanks a lot sir

What makes me anxious really that i always think about raising my children probably and accustoming them to healthy habits, also another problem which is I’m struggling a bit in learning English because some times I need to listen more and more to understand because of pronunciation as sometimes not clear to me and that makes me annoyed , also difficulty in achieving my goals gets me nervous sometimes because of not having enough time to realize what I want