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Getting advice

Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


i get anxious most of the times when i see people or animal rights are being really hurts me ,specially when i feel not brave enough to stop it.

My fears come up when I'm aware of what kind of situations are the most prone to make me dread, indeed it's something that I have been developing consciously according to each situation, something as If I were creating a character and giving ways of behavior , as for instance, certain fear of being with mates as a excuse of a way to spend more time with myself and It may sound weird but when I realize that it's not my "real fear", and it is my "I" just acting regarding to what I think is the proper behaviour to manage finding a way of being with myself, I just act the opposite, and I don't even care what I'm doing.

I feel anxious when I'm surrounded by people I don't know yet, because it is difficult for me to start a conversation.

Dear Team,
I think, in Task2, p.6, it could be correct the first choice, because in the dialogue Clara says, ''they're going to sound weird, so hear me out'',and '' this may sound strange''.What do you think?
Many thanks to all of you.

Hello nikoslado

The phrases you mention are talking about the advice she is about to give. Since they aren't explicitly about doing something to keep your mind busy, I think the order given is correct.


All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I feel nervous when i ask someone to do small thing and he/she get annoyed .
You ask your self what he is going to do when he/she face a big things !

Dear British council Team
I get nervous Whenever I see a cruelty and then i have to keep my mouth shut , while i know consciously there s a legal right has been ignored. Whenever I am in such a fateful new position that one choice can change my way of life, or my destiny ,at that moment I prefer to have an instant consultation it helps me to be released of anxiety. when someone tells me lies and I know that
at that moment I feel nervous and disappointed .
with best regards

I feel nervous when I have to take an English test

I feel anxious when I'm around new people with whom I should chatt. I'm really not good at small talks.

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