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Talking about rumours

Listen to two people talking about a colleague to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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A good boss listen and give awards for the job good done. He has all the team in his good books because build confidence and give feedback. The good boss search new scenarios for the development of his team, recognize his emotions and act with example.

Hello teachers,

While I was writing my comment I was wondering how can I say 'a good boss', 'a bad boss' , ' employees' and 'colleagues' in different ways. I mean, can you tell me some synonyms of these words or please link me to any page or website where I can learn them. In addition, please tell all of us how can we learn synonyms easily.

Thank you

In my opinion, there are plathora of indispensable features that a good boss should have and some of them are more crucial than the other ones.

First of all, a good boss should have great vision to forecast the trends for the betterment of the company. In this way, he can set some goals, give profit warnings and many other efforts to increase the profit margin.

Effective communication skills are quintessential while talking about a good boss. If a boss has this skill in his skill set, he can give clear instructions to his employees which in turn will save several human resources like money time and energy.

Finally, a good boss should keep both his employees and colleagues motivated. By this, he can encourage them to achieve short-term and long-term goals set by the company.

On the other hand, a bad boss, undoubtedly, lacks all these skills. Moreover, he doesn't have good relationship with his fellow workers and employees.

What makes a good and bad boss are highlighted below:
Good Boss Attributes.
- Being visionary in contexts to firm's objective.
- Have good communication skill to work with subordinates.
- Interacts professionally with subordinates.
- Delegates authority.
- Supervising, monitoring and evaluating task with the spirit of team working with subordinates.
- Motivates its subordinates.
Bad Boss Attributes.
- Lack good communication skills in dealing with subordinates.
- Lacks vision.
- Hostile and harsh relationship with subordinates.
- No delegation of authority.
- Lacks motivational skills.

In my opinion John wasn't a good boss. Why would a boss steal ideas from his own workers to keep the benefit for himself? I understand that everyone has a different way to think but he didn't really think about it. Letting that girl make her project and winning the award would have made the business look much better. Also, why does he need to scream and shout? I think he is just a selfish person that wants to be the best and doesn't accept others progress. It's good that he gets fired, maybe he will learn about it and he will change.

In my opinion a good boss is never allowed to exclude their coworkers and has to take their whole points of view. Besides, he must be thorough with the relationship to their teammates and help them in case there would be a difficulty. However, his main role must never be put into doubt, since he must be able to lead their teamwork through decision-making and attend to frequent meetings, as section as company ones.

In my opinion what makes a good boss is the ability to comprehend the people who are working for you. I also think that is important to not make feel workers are inferior or that their opinion doesn’t count, listening is important!

What's make a good or bad boss is how they treat her team and how boss facing the problem in the team. A good boss have a good integrity.

what makes a boss a good one is the way he treats his employees so first he has to have great manners in talking and dealing with others plus he should give attention to his employees problems and complaints .

A good boss must be logical having a strong mind with a team work attribute aided by an interpersonal skills and an effective communication skill in mobilizing other subordinates to achieve organizational goal while a bad boss possess none of this skills but rather demoralised which can lead to ruins of the firm.