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A message to say you're late

Learn how to write text messages to tell a friend you're going to be late.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

I'm running 10 mins late, sorry!

No problem!

Aargh! Traffic is really bad. I'll be more than 10 mins late now, sorry again!!

It's OK, don't worry. I'm in the café already so it’s fine

This is not my day! I'm here but can't find a place to park. I'm looking for a different car park. Not sure how long I'll be

OK, LMK when you find a place

I might get something to eat tho

Of course! I'll be as quick as I can


Found one! Be there in 10 mins

Well done! See you soon

Thx for waiting


1. You don't need to write complete sentences for text messages.

2. Use abbreviations like LMK (= let me know) or use emojis to save time writing.

3. You don't need to use full stops (.) at the end of messages.

4. Say how many minutes you think you'll need, e.g. I'm running 10 minutes late.

5. It’s good to say sorry and sorry again, but you don't need to say sorry in every message.



Language level

Beginner: A1


I´m usually on time, whatever the meeting is about. When i have an appointment i´ll always try to get as soon as i can for respect to the person who is waitting for and because i don´t like to do what i don´t want to someone do to me, otherwise i could be incongruent with myself. i could imagine the bad feeling it could provoque, therefore, i always try to be on time. By the way, 20 minutes after regular time means late for me.

Well, I'm a picky person so whenever I have an appointment I get there as soon as I can, I'd say that I'll be there 30 minutes before the agreed time. Although in Mexico, which I come from, people tend to arrive to the events really late, like 1 to 2 hours later, it depends on the kind of meeting. In short, 5 minutes after the agreed time is late.

being late is very bad. but usually, in more Arab countries the people does not respect the time. so mire them being late for the appointments.

I hate being late because I hate when people make me wait and a waste of time is always bad. So I try as hard as I can to be punctual

I really hate to anyone waiting for me for even only 1 minute. Because I know what that feels like

Normally I try to be on time in all my meetings, I don't like that nobody waits for me..
For me 10 minutes is the limit for say that you are late, so run!

In morocco , people don’t respect time , they can be late for over an hour , and it’s okay for them no sorry , when i have a date with someone , i really get there before the time , but i’m sick of waiting people so i became late too , everything in my life became late , even my daily meals , university , dates... , it’s exhausting.

I'm often late going to morning class, because classes in Vietnam usually start early at about 7:00 am and it is hard to prepare everything on time.

Being late once or twice times is acceptable.

But I can tell a person who usually late does not respect other people.
I always try to avoid making other people waiting for me, as I dislike the feeling of waiting for someone else (for nonsense reasons).

5 to 10 minutes is late for me.

I'm on time if that's for a job or university but when the topic comes about visiting my family or going to a party or anything like this I am too late. I know that's not good but I can't help I'm taking too much time when I put my makeup and I can't put it early.

If you find any mistake in my writing skills, LMK.