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Life Sciences

Typical subjects in Life Sciences are:

  • Agriculture
  • Biological Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Health
  • Medicine
  • Psychology

Students in Life Sciences write a range of texts, the most common being Case Studies, Critiques, Essays, Methodology Recounts and Explanations.


I really enjoy that part of the page . It is absolutely fantastic to find this resourses in one page . Thank u so much :)

Hello! thank you for the information. LearnEnglish it´s a great page! I´ll use it a lot!

Hi Jeevask,
It's great to see that you want to practice your spoken English with others, but if you read the House Rules, you'll see that you are not permitted to share personal information on LearnEnglish.
I also wanted to mention that you might find the sections under Listen & Watch more useful for practicing your listening skills, which are of course vital for speaking.
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Hi I confusing myself where to start learn in this place because lot of materials available. I don't know how to consider am learning way is right or wrong. I need suggestions for learn simple English for daily activities for read and write.
l know little things in grammar part and also know basic words in English.
through this comment part, shall I discuss about what to learn everyday is possible ?
I need companion to learn through this way?
is this possible?


Hello pearl s, and welcome to LearnEnglish!
Yyou should see this website as a library – just borrow whatever interests you! A good place to start is our Elementary Podcasts. These are short radio shows about different topics. To help your listening, vocabulary and grammar, you can listen to them, read the transcripts, and do the exercises. If you want to work on grammar, take a look at our grammar section.
As you say, can also talk to other learners in the comments, too. Many of our pages have discussion questions to start you thinking.
We also have a search box. Put a topic you're interested in into the box – like 'meeting people' or 'the present simple' - and you'll get a list of pages about that topic.
We have a lot of different levels on the site, so don't worry if something is too hard – find something easier, and come back to it later. Just try to look at something every day!
Hope that helps,
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Hi Jeremy Bee,
Thank you .
your suggestion is really nice to improve my listening and able to write confidently even though there is mistakes had occurred in my writings.
now, I am feel little comfortable to speak. Elementary podcast is interesting to learn. This is my second day to heard a next series 1 episode 2 .

Thank you

i want to join a class for lesson

Hello Nimoh Jesus Jnr,
Welcome to LearnEnglish!  I'm afraid we don't organise classes here or lessons, but we do have many kinds of self-study materials to help you learn by yourself online.  We also have a popular and lively Facebook community where you can interact with other learners:
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