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When I was student, the best thing that motivated me when I work was the fear of failure. When I think that I’ll fail if I don’t work, I am more and more motivated. On the other hand, I like to be free in my choice, It’s bit difficult for me when I am constrained to work on a thing that I don’t like, I am less motivate.

One of the best incentive that motivate me most in my employee-jobs is working with a good boss. A good boss will be a good partner to work with, a good teacher to learn from, and a respectful person to trust. He or she will know how to gather people in to one group and push each member's strength to the best for achieving goals timely. Besides, working with a good boss will make you love your job. The more you love the job, the more effectively you work, and consequently you're going to feel the life is more and more better. How can you use one third time of your life to work under a disgusting boss? No way. So, a good boss should be the best offered incentive.

I found the exercises very interesting. They motived me to do more exercises and learn more English.

When I create something that is meaniful to me, I will be motivating.

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in my studies i think having a purpose that is big enough to keep me concentrated on it would work for me. Because basically no one gives me reward for more study. So it's just about the purpose.

I have a goal i hope to achieve in life. Everything i do must converge towards achieving that goal. In the beginning, it may look as though the new idea, or information i learn helps to build my personality. But when i sit back and meditate on what i call my 'ultimate goal' or 'life project', I use my latest acquisition to sharpen my project. Little by little, it starts germinating. The feeling is lovely. This is the root of my motivation.