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Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


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Hi, my names is Esma, I am expatriate in UAE, in Abu Dhabi emirate, in Al Ain city.
My small family already reside here, we have small flat in good and quite place with two bed rooms, hall, kitchen and 2 bath rooms. Or bed room is having double bed and two bedside tables and and big wardrobe cupboard.
double bed is very soft and covered with bed sheet and nice pair of pillows, duvet and big extra blanket to keep us worm in winter.
I am intending to fix curtains for all windows as I moved in recently to protect us from frequent dust and sun as well as to maintain temperature and to keep privacy.
another bed room kept for guests, it has two single beds with bed sheets, duvets, and blankets and some furniture like cupboard and chest of drawers.
finally hall is at entrance of the flat it taken as living room where some comfortable sofa are kept with table and TV along with internet WIFI.

In my bedroom I have a sofa and one of double bed with things that go on a bed like: pillows, sheet, duvet and blanket. Further I have wardrobe and lamp. I don't have a carpet and bedside table, instead use chair and table, I also have a TV.

In my bedroom i have double bed, wardrobe , dressing table , lamb and alarm clock.

I have a double bed, warderobe, two beside tables in my room. I don't have
any chest of drawers yet. Im looking forward to buy a miror, but it cost a lot.

I have a single bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table and a chest of drawers.

I have a double bed and wardrobe and chest of drawers.

In my bedroom, I have double bed, two bedside tables, one chest of drawers. All these fourniture with brown coloration.
Every day I put a beautiful duvet and two soft pillow on the bed.
I have a brown curtain and three carpet in the floor.

All of those things that are listed above and all of my other stuffs. I basically live in a 16 m^2 double room and it's a total mess here.

Hi community
I can not stand in a bedroom an any seconds because of this, ı do not have totally a bedroom like anyone. Should ı'm going to list my what ı have on study place? If you are going to say yes, ı would doing it. There are my precious:
-Single bed
-Prep book
-Some music, science, and art mag
-One Tardis mug
-Specially one Longman dictionary, ı'm kinda like it
-Kindle ebook
Table tennis racket
-Book shelf

These are all what ı see right now on my room.

in my bedroom i have a poor singel bed, a blanket, a pillow, a table fan.