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Clothes 2

Do the exercises to learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I don't like to wear suits. I have worn suit and tie once in my life when I was on a graduation party. I prefer informal clothing.The formal clothing not as comfortable for me as informal clothing.

My girlfriend likes to wear red dresses and high heels also she likes to wear skirt. I like to wear tracksuit and trainers and other informal clothing.

A socks is very important thing for me. It is often lost so I have a large stock of socks.

I like wear dress and high heels, also I like tracksuit for sport!

well, usually i like to wear jeans and a t-shirt in summer time ,the most of the time i try to use confortable clothes, i have to say im not a formal clothes person , rarely wear suits and tie clothes.

I like to wear dress with high heels.shirt and skirt and jumper and jeans with trainer

In many Muslim countries, women are well dressed with headscarf.

I like to wear dress with high heels.

i like to wear a sari with high heels

I like to wear a tracksuit because it's very comfortable. But for work or for a celebration, I prefer a suit with a tie.

i like to wear a long dress and sometimes the traditional clothes of my country

I like to wear casual clothes.