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Everyday objects

Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


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I always go out because I have to go to school (lol). When going out, the objects I carry is my rucksack including a lot of things like laptop, earphone, books, notebook, note, pen, pencil, face mask, keys, power bank, and particularly my cellphone

Hi everyone, I am an English teacher, so if you need help feel free to contact me.

Hello Sir,
I don't understand when we must to use THAT:
For example two sentences bellow:
- This is a bag that you put on your back.
- This is a small suitcase we use to carry things for work.
=> Could we use THAT in the second one: This is a small suitcase THAT we use to carry things for work

Thank you for your explain

When I need to go out, I take my rucksack and put my mobile phone, house keys and wallet in it. I don't need a lot of stuff in my rucksack because I don't like to take too much with me.

It can depends for what reason I go out. If I just go out to walk or to go to the market for example, I just bring my mobile phone, keys and my wallet. If I go out to work, I carry in additional my briefcase which contains my laptop, my glasses and my papers work.

When am going out I carry the following:
- Mobile phone.
- Wallet.
- Rucksack and
- Keys.

When i go out i just carry purse, glasses and cellphone.

when I go out I do carry my rucksack, home keys, and purse.

I usually wear keys at home, the car keys, computer in the briefcase, my wallet everydays, purse too, my phone it is very important.

I don't carry many things; only rucksack, wallet and keys.