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What is the word for moving a ball with your foot? Do these exercises about words for movements and find out.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My favorite sport is badminton, when playing I will use one hand usually the left hand to throw shuttlecock into the air and use another hand (right hand) that hold the racket to catch and kick it to transmit to the other side

Fabulous, thank you for every information I have from you.

I admit that I don't practice any sport activity at this time. When I was younger I did a lot of rugby, so I had to catch, throw and kick the ball and of course also to run. I know cycle and swim, not very well but that is ok. I am very bad to skate. I try 3 times I think and I wasn't really confident.

My favorite sport is walking and cycling.

I like cycle, I riding my bike almost each day. Also I often swim, these are my favourite activities.

I like to walk at night and some times jugging and running.

My favorite sport is cricket. i catch ball even if it is hit by fast by batsman.

I don't practice any sport actually, but I like swimming and walking. I think that the sport is important in the life for health. If I had more time , I would try to practice some sport.

I am doing swimming ,riding and cycling in my favourite sport;

I played football when I was young. Now, I do swimming.