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Snacks and desserts in Britain

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for some snacks and desserts in Britain.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I do not eat cake, ice cream, sweets anymore

I like to eat ice cream in summer and biscuits in winter, also I like sweet pies.

I like to eat ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert . The place where I live the typical snacks are KHAGINE which is made by egg and sugar and saffron , it’s really delicious!!

I like so much ice cream. In Peru, there are more dessert like as suspiro a la limeña (sweet little desert wiht milk cream and sugar), mazamorra morada (made from purple corn), arroz con leche (a portion of bioled rice and milk). Such delicious!

i like to eat chocolate cake، ice cream, cake and crisps. where i live typical snacks are them all except pies.

For desserts I like all sort of cakes, but I prefer chocolate cake more.
Where I live typical desserts are muffin, biscuits and nuts.......

I like for dessert chocolate cake. Where I live typical desserts are biscuits and ice cream.

I usually like to eat pies, cakes, ice cream, nuts and chocolate cake

What do you like to eat for dessert? What are typical snacks where you live?

i like to eat for dessert: cake, cookies, cupcake and ice cream.
In my country the typical snacks are:
-Carrot pie
-Banana pie
-Sweet guava
-Milk rice, etc

i like to eat cake for dessert. The typical snacks in my country are dry fruits and candys of milk.