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Intermediate: B1


As I'm getting used to keep my baggage to a minimal, I rarely check in my baggae at the airport.

Nowadays, we gradually stop using a check-in desk but start using a check-in machine which saves [our] time.
(*'-')b OK!

I travelled to Saudi Arabia 2 years ago. It's really nice had a chance to go abroad where i can learn different cultures and visit ancient unique places there. Hopefully, i could visit another countries in order to broaden my knowledge of certain countries cultures.

No, I have'nt travel by air but in next mon on november I will go to balikpapan by air for the first time

Hi 2 week ago i lived my first flight. it was very excited for me because it was first and different feeling for me to be too high above the ground.

I have never travelled by air. But I have planned that someday, I will visit around the world, may be with my family or alone.

I haven't travelled by plane. But, in the future, I will visit my best friend in Canada. It takes about 16 hours. I think this will be the first and longest flight of myself.

Hi! I haven't travelled to abroad yet. So, My longest flight was in Turkey. From İstanbul to Diyarbakır city. It was about just 2 hours.

I've flighting for 3 hours from my country Syria to the the UAE , it was a comfortable journey at the Emirates airlines.

Hi! I have traveled by air for the first time few weeks ago and it was so excited. I flew three hours from Romania to Finland and I will travel by plane again in a week. I can`t wait.