How often do you ride a bicycle or motorbike? Learn some vocabulary for speaking about your bike by doing these exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


My father was a driving intructor, so I go by motorbike since my sixteen birthday. At first the little maschine (80 ccm), and two year later the big one.
But than I have had an accident with the Motorbike and since then I am anxious.

Well, I'm not much riding the bicycle or motorcycle for now. But, when I was young I always preferred to ride a bicycle together with my childhood friends going to school or just roaming around in our neighborhood.

I usually go to my office by bus. I have bought a bike for three mount and sometime I go to office by bike. It takes 30 minutes from my home to the office. I like to ride bicycle because riding is good for my heath.

I ride my motorbikes every day to go to the office. In my country, there are thousand of motorbikes on the street and most of people use to motorbikes to go for working because it is convenient and faster than cars if you just move within districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

i don't ride a bike or a motorcycle as i ride my car to work
i used to ride a bike when i was a child.

i have not ridden a bike beacuse i had not tough to learn it. another reason that i can sey is my city is very hot and in my country have not let women to ride a bike.

when I was a toddler that time a use to ride a bicycle but this time I m a teenager that's why I m not interested to ride a bicycle.

I don't ride a bicycle or motorbike.
I like sport but I quicly have an unpleasant feeling on the saddle.
And I prefere a car to a motorbike because of the rain - I think of the comfort first and I'm not an adventurer.

Thank you again for your help, Kirk!

Hi Kirk,
I wonder if you can help me with the following:

- ...this floating island EQUALS tjree times the size of France;

- Constant advertising and innovation oblige consumers to get rid of almost new devices to buy the ultimate novelty on the market, and so feel EQUAL to their peers.

I'm quite confident that EQUAL in my first sentence is right but I have more doubts about the second one.
Is the verb "to feel" a good collocation? Is it correct to use the verb EQUAL even I'm not talking about size, value or quantity?
Thank you,