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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


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Actually yes, I have been many times visiting doctors, I need swallow tables all the days jejeje. And I have take a couple of X-ray. But thanks God I never been in a hospital or ambulance!

On another hand, I hate dentist hahaha They are like the devil and I know, I shouldn't have fear, I'm a grown man! hahaha

Visit a doctor or a dantist is always challenge for me. But they can help you and consiquently you have to trust them. I had a bandage twenty years ago, when I broked my right leg. At first I was made a X-ray and after putting a bandage around leg I was given a few tablets.

How are you?
Which is correct :
I have pain . or
I have a pain.

the second one

Hello Hamdy Ali
Anyone would understand you if you said 'I have pain', but normally we don't use 'have' with 'pain'. Instead, it's common to say 'I feel pain in my stomach' or 'The pain in my stomach is getting worse' or 'I am in a lot of pain'. You can see more examples in this dictionary entry:
It's also very common to use the verb 'hurt', e.g. 'My stomach hurts': (see number 2 'feel pain').
I hope this helps.
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

I didn't feel bad. Yes I use.

To visit a doctor or dentist is not a good sign. Usually people visit in case of any kind of healtb issue. I also do not like to visit doctor. Specially demtist, because denatal problems and their treatment are painful procedure. Yes I have used number of items from the list. Like badgae when i got injured badly once while playing football.

I love going to the dentist, because i want to take care of my teeth. However, i hate going to the doctor. It brings me sad memories.

Yes, In the past, i had to swallow a lot of medicines. Also, i had an operation.

I feel really good with going to the dentist or to any health center. Often I go there to realize check up and prevention so my goal is "prevent better than cure".
Sure I've used each things of this list but my behaviour tend to use it the less I can.

Hi sir,
Could you tell me about the structure of the below sentence.
Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.
I men that 'which part of the sentence is subject or verb or infinitive and....