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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I hate injections!

I afraid injection.

the doctor works together with nurses to treat patients by providing necessary health care. Drugs or medicines can be used with the intravenous way or orally.
A dressing is used to cover an injury in order to keep it clean.

yes, I use tablets, bandage, plaster, injection.

I used to feel nervous about going to the dentist when I was younger, but now, with all the new ways of numbing the parts of the mouth that need to be treated, I do not fear anymore. But, on the other hand, going to the doctor it might makes me feel unconfotable, as the last year I spent three months in the hospital, taking lots of medicine, and one injection, every day, for seven monts, that after geting out for the hospital, I had to administer to myself by my own. I am a nurse so when I have to treat other people, I have no problems, but, when I see a needle and I know it will be used on my body, an uncomfortable starts occurring in my mind.

Today, i was in the doctor because the company where I work sended us for annual checks and routine examens of health. I think it is very important for to know how is our health and to correct problems at time.

I don't like to go to the doctor or dentist, I only go when it is necessary, I have used all the things in the list, specially tablets and injections, because I have problems with my lungs and I need to use tablets all the time.

thank you doctor

I think seeing a doctor or a dentist is a scary thing to do for all people. Although it is a good thing to do. I rarely see a doctor. Last visit I remember I saw a dentist to take off my tooth and he gave me some medicine to heal the surgery.

Hi everyone!
I don't go often to the doctor, only when I'm very sick.
I think that Eating healthy, resting well and play sports regularly allows us to live in good health.

Personally, I think that alternative medicine is better than coventional medicine, depending on the case of course.