Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


the exercises were amazing to make the memorizing process more easier !

No. I've nothing to special

Thank you, this pages make me more fluent in english. Thank yu British Council so i can more promote my Dimsum Halal to all over the world with english.

No, I don't have accessories that is special in some way. But actually, I like many kind of accessories: earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring. I also like hat, cap, belt, and bag. All have its own specialities to give shapes/look/image to people who wear it. And I also learn that each one of them has its own meaning, purpose, and function related to the individual owner life and history and or related to the society's culture and history. The combination of all the accessories you wear give a complex story about you, some are comforting/pleasant to others around you, some are annoying others around you.

I have many accessories. On my 6-th birthday, my daddy bought me a couple of gloves and a cap. They're beautiful and I very liked it. Last year, I got a scarf for my best friend and he was fond of this birthday presents. I also bought for my mom an earrings since she lost one. Yesterday, my grandparent gave me a necklace and a belt as gifts for my study. Now, I'm washing my rucksack 'cause it's so dirty and I need them to carry things in my wonderful summer trip.

i usually use a hat to protect my head from the sun when i go for a walk ouside. It is really useful for me everyday

brilliant amazing great lessons that you have
i still learning how to improve my English
thanks a lot for these lessons

Rucksack! Is it a synonym for "backpack"? Right?

Hello J

Yes, that's correct.

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I have the bracelet in semi precious stones to balance thé chakra.