Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


i have a hand watch that i like it very much. it made from wood and it is brown.

I don't have accessories. but my friend give me a his belt and my wife give me a hand watch.

I think rucksack is an important accessory to me. Because it's very useful for me to go to school as well as travel. I often carry a lot of things in my rucksack like some books, my phone, maybe makeup things, etc. Therefore, i can't live without rucksack lol

I'm wearing a watch that I really like. It was a present from my wife. I have a cap from New York and glasses from Miami. Both of them remind me of two great city trips.

Sure, anyone has at least pocket.

How many biscuits do you have in your pocket, BB?
If you want more biscuits, you can increase the number of biscuits when you bang your pocket. :D

I have no biscuits Rafaela, accordingly no need to bang my pocket. :)

Oh.... what a shame!
Maybe "anyone has at least pocket monster!! :D

I always wear glasses. I wear scarf all days, specially in the morning and after 18 hours.

I always wear bracelets and earring. I love these kind of accessories.