Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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We learned at school that there were people who had a personality disorder (NPD) looked at others only as accessories being an extension of themselves. I saw "special" clothes with an attached accessories hitting the shelves. Ouchie...!

I love Russian language because we have a lot of similar words, like this "rucksack"

Backpack or rucksack?

Hello Yuri,

In most contexts, these two words mean the same thing. If you're interested in finding out more, you can find lots of different opinions on this by doing an internet search for 'difference between backpack and rucksack'.

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I always wear belt to hold up my pants and usually wear sunglass to protect my eyes from sun

I don't really wear jewelry, but I like autumn and winter though I can wear scarfs. My bag is essential to me, some kind of Mary Poppins' syndrom...

I've got some special accessories that my grandma and mom used to have.

I don't have any special accessories.
I wear gloves in autumn and winter when a weather is cold, use bag every day. I've never have earrings and don't like a cap.
I use pockets rarely and prefer rucksack.

I have a emerald bracelet. I bought it twenty years ago. Now I can not take it out because my hand too big and my bracelet too small.