Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Elementary: A2


Yes, I have a Rosary

I have watch. Without that accessories I don't go everywhere.


I have a bracelet

Actually I do not have a lot of accessories, I have a black rucksack which help me to carry my computer, when it is cold I often put on scarf to keep me warm but I am not a friend of gloves in winter. Sometimes I wear cap but I do not like hat and bracelets. I do not need glasses to read because my eyes are in good conditions.

My father gives me a rucksack for the school resumption.

I have a belt, that I wear for mor of teen years... It's like a part of my...

I have a rucksack, beacause help me to carry my computer.

I don't have any special accessory, thought I think my rucksack is the accesory that I use the most. It's a very useful accessory because I can put a lot of things in it like my laptop, my wallet, pens, srewdrivers, external hard drive, keys, my portable mug for tea and a jumper or a rainsweater in Winter, sometimes I also put a cap in it too when it's very sunny and an umbrella when it's stormy weather.

There is a error in the task 3, the answers are not corrects.