Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


Usually, I watch news tv and eat my dinner on dining room

I can listen to the music and eat pizza

I can eat and talk with someone. I walk, play and work

I do most of these action is reading, smiling, sleeping , eating I think the majority of these action almost necessary to makes us happier is lifestyle

I can do the following actions at the same time: speak, write and listen. Besides these three actions, every day I use to smile, a very important daily action!

fortunately i can do 5 actions together at the same time, include speaking,listening, eating looking and writing. i think it is not difficult, really I am kidding but we have a proverb in my country that just women can do some actions at the moment

I usually study and try to improve all Enflish skills, I listen to English and write some words I heard, and I speak with my classmates when we have a freetime or we eat dinner together. Moreover, I like playing vocabulary games with my boy, as look for some words, draw a picture, listen a story and fall into sleep as well. We really have a good time and smile a lot.

A lot of things. Like study and listen to music, but I really things it is better do things step by step one thing each time. For women is easy do a lot thing at the same time for us men aren´t.

I think that most of peoples can do many actions in the same time when they are aroud the table for eating ; they eat, speak, watch tv, listen ( to tv or music or to each others ), smile and sometimes cry when remember some special memories ...

How many of these actions can you do at the same time? What other actions do you do most days?

i can do eat, look, listen, touch, type and i always listened.