Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


During working hours i am type email and also talk with customers

Hello from Azerbaijan. I really keen on this activity because this activity is very useful for primary students. I will try to do this with my class.Thanks a lot!

I can speak and smile at the same time and I call my mom every day.

I can cry and speak and read at the same time. Hey, crying is rather embarassing for grown up people, but it is actually good to relieve your stress! I seldom cry but I have cried sometimes and it's kind of fun!

I can do some of these actions for example I can eat while I listen to someone

As other parts of speech actions or verbs are very important. Such kind of exercises are useful for remembering them

Usually, I smile when I speak, I look to others when I listen for them.

I am type and listen music.

Eat,read, speak, write, sleep, draw are irregular and look, smile listen, touch, type are regular verbs

I can listen, look and eat, look, smile at the same time. Other actions are also used as combined but not often.