Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


Mostly pepole say me my hair is very nice..

Many people say me handsome because i have one hundred ninety centimeter tall and eighty five kilogram it's slim, i have dark hair and my parents too.

I am 167 cm and weigh 58. I think I am thin. I am the tallest in my family. I have dark hair and I am not handsome haha

Usually we can not describe our self because we can't see our defaults, although i will try to describe my self honestly. I'm not tall nor short, i'm 1.7m, my weight is 65 kg, i have a dark hair, brown eyes and skin, and i have a little beard in my face ...
I don't think that i'm handsome but the important thing that my wife likes me.

Hello. Concerning my appearance, I am a young man handsome, thin and short. I Have marron eyes and dark hair. That is my appearence description

I am 178cm tall, my wife is shorter than me. i have two brothers and one sister, my brothers are older than me. My sister is younger than me. My brothers are taller than my sister and me.

I am a lady who is not tall. My height is about 150cm. I am not fat but I am not so thin.
I think my shape is good looking :). My complexion is white.
Actually, my hair is black as my gene. But now I dyne my hair color to light brown.
And, I want to describe my bf appearance. He is taller than me. His height is near 180cm. He is not fat and also not thin. His complexion is brown but he is handsome for me :P

I'am tall 6ft 3 ins brown hair blue eyes and 14 stone. I have the same colour eyes and ,hair has my wife.

I am of normal height (1.7m), of normal BMI (body mass index), black hair, mestizo skin, light brown eyes color. However I would like to be tall. :)

I have a friend with characteristics similar to mine, I like the company of my friends

Every woman and man are beutiful and handsome, in thair own way.