Do these exercises and learn words to talk about meals and ways of cooking food.


Language level

Elementary: A2


I have to recognise I don't cook neither in house neither with friends, on only some tradicional Spanis dishes like "tortilla de patatas", Spanish omelette, grill of meat, fry eggs, dishes simple elaboration. However, my wife likes to cook all kinds of dishes for family and friends. In Spain we like to meet at a common table to eat, drink and talk.
In Spain usually we have dinner near nine o'clock evening.

My wife cooks everyday and I wash dishes everyday I like it , I think I cook once a week for us , it is funny the dishes I most enjoy to prepare are pizza , because it is easy e I really loves pizza , the smelt cheese are irresistible .
nowadays cooking are fashion there are a lots of tv program about "chefs" and their dishes

My mom oftens cook the three meals, i only help her when she need. The food made by mom very delicious, it includes rice and vegatables. I always wash dishes after every meals but i like it. I love all the Vietnamese food.

....breakfast, lunch, dinner.
....cook, burn, steam, boil, grill, bake, roast, microwave, fry,

I cook a meals myself. I used to boil different kinds of porridge, fry eggs, prepare the salad from fresh vegetables. Sometimes I eat the chicken roat.

My wife used to do all the cooking but now she has a night job i have to do it, i like cooking a variety of food.