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Elementary: A2


I go to any place when need it

I go everywhere in this place.

Hi Everyone,
I go to the bank day in day out because I am banker this is my job.:) I went to school weekdays when I was teen. I was going to gym while my friends slept at home. I go to cinema once a week before I married . Todays I prefer download to film from the internet . I guess that is enough for you.

When I was a student I used to go to school and now I’m going to university . I go to library everyday. I go to bank once a month and sometimes I go to cinema for fun. I used to go post office years ago but now everything is sent by the internet.

Of these places I go to the bank, cafe, supermarket and cinema.
I don't go to bus stop, because I use particular vehicle.
I don't go to post office or library, because with internet I can to have communication with my friends and collegues and consult the books of my interest.
I don't go to train station because this kind of transport doesn't exist in my city.

I alwayse go to the library and sometimes go to the bank, post office, supermarket, bus stop and cafe but never go to the castle, factory, cinema, train station and sport centers and went to school in the past since i was younger.

I always be in the supermarket because actually I work there, and I take the bus twice a day.
I never see a castle in front of my eyes, but I would love to.

Hi guys

I usually go to bank , supermarket and cinema to have fun , I really like to go to the cinema the last one movie I watched was the blockbuster "Black Panther" from Marvel studios .
I like to do supermarket too.
I would like to know a castle , but here in South américa aren´t have a "classic castle" I beliave there are only Europe´s country.

Good afternoon,
Today 12 February 2018 in the lesson "Places in a town 1" the answers in task 5 are, for me, very strangers, because the answer of group 1 for "Places you can eat or drink" say "library", for me the answer would be "café".
In the group 3 "places for learning or health" the answer say "Train station", when for me would be "school or sports center".
Another, group 4 Places open to the public (anyone can go there), the answer say "factory" when for me would be any of the others.
It's possible I am wrong or confus.
Could you respond about this?, thankyou.

Hello joes,

I've checked the task and the answers are correct. I think you may have misunderstood the purpose of the task. You need to indicate which place does not fit (the instruction is 'Choose the place that DOESN'T belong') so the correct answer for 'Places you can eat or drink' is 'library' because this is the place which does not fit - i.e. it is a place where you cannot eat or drink, unlike the other places.

I hope that clarifies it for you.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team