What are Johnny and his friends going to do for New Year's Eve? Is Carlos finally asking Sarah out on a date?

Written by Chris Rose.

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Thanks a lot I don’t understand the meaning of procession in this dialogue!.

Hell Gehad

In the context of Chinese New Year or other events, a 'procession' is a group of people walking on the street together in an organized way as part of a celebration or ceremony. For example, when a football team wins a championship, sometimes they are in a sort of procession in the streets of their home city. Nowadays, the footballers are often in a bus of some sort, but if they were walking, it would be a procession. In Chinese New Year, people often dress as lions or dragons and walk or dance in the street accompanied by fireworks -- this is a kind of procession, too.

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What does Fadi mean while saying "I've lost you" to Harry? Thanks in advance.

Hello xiaojaoy,

This means 'I don't understand'. We use it when we lose track of what someone is saying for some reason.

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why is this sentence wrong
he 'suggested to go' to Trafalgar Square
the right is 'suggested going to'

Hello hayaalqasem,

Some verbs in English are followed by 'to + infinitive', others by '-ing' and others by either form.  'Suggest' is followed by '-ing' and therefore 'suggest to go' is incorrect.

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I would like to know which countries in EU (except Britain) use English in teaching and do they speak BrE or AmE? Can you help me answer this? (I hope this is not a stupid question)
Thank you so much!