Britain's countryside is great, rich with lakes, mountains and monuments. Richard goes to the Lake District first, before crossing the border to Wales.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

The numbers in this exercise are in the video. What do they refer to?


Task 3

Can you make sentences from the video using these words?


Task 4

Richard said "This area is said to be one of the most beautiful in Great Britain." Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one. You can't use the word 'people' and you must use the word in brackets.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I'm from Egypt and i want to contact with any people here to improve my English ..

Britain is great:P IF someone wanna practice English with me, it will be a pleasure.

I come from Italy and I didn't know a lot about the English countryside. Lake Windermere is amazing and I hope to visit it when i return in Great Britain. But for live, I prefer the city...certainly!!!

i love to be in a countryside that looks absoulotly stunning and beautifull such as the one lake district and really like the both places that Richard show us and i currently live in city but yeah i don't mind to live in wonderful countryside like this .

I find mountainous countryside the most appealing. I would like to visit Snowdonia and to have a look at its scenic mountains.

Great! I like countrysides. This video is really helpful

i prefer to live around lakes, water front, seaside, a beach etc. i am own who prefers the quite nature and scenery of the countryside. Lake Windermere was my most interesting place. i prefer to live in city but with frequent visits to the country side.

thanks for these support materials :)
God bless!

While watching the video I was quickly transported in those landscapes.... but I rather prefer the sea. For this reason I think a trip to the Jurassic coast in Dorset would be very exciting even if I live in a big city though

I like both coastal and country landscapes. And because I live in the south of Spain, with very little rain and hot summers, I especially enjoy the green countryside.
I've travelled to Britain and visited London, Oxford and Scotland, and I'm very interesed in knowing more about national parks.
I like the countryside, but I´ve always lived in a city, so I prefer urban life.