Some of the greatest music in the world comes from Britain, and British music is still topping the charts today. Richard visits The Premises recording studio, where many world-famous artists have made music.

Task 1

Which of the following sentences are true?


Task 2

Who has recorded at The Premises?


Task 3

Put the parts of the sentences together.


Task 4

Put the two parts of the phrases together.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


It's a really good .I'm learning English and trying to take  ielts exam.please check in transcript  there is a ward" bestival".I think that should be" festival".how ever I have joined this site recently and I would like to thank for giving such a service for everybody

Hi Janaka,

I don't think it's a mistake in the transcript, it's the name of a music festival in the UK ( I expect they invented the name as it combines the word 'best' and 'festival'.


You know we are not so developed here as in your country, but you can find some places and studios where you can hear or record musics. There isn't a very music industry because must of our artists prefer to travel toward your countries to record their songs.
However, whe have great musicians recognized around the world like Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Jean Pierre Essome and certain groups like X-Maleya, Fada kaoutal and so on... I like also international stars who make a very good music.
Hi again.

Hi all, 
Music actually great. People can understand each other with music although they don't know the other country's language.
In my country K-pop singers are very famous. Among them I like Girls generation and T-ara. They are not just good at sing a song but also good at dance.
Thank you. 

nice activity

Hi kate,your are correct .I  learned new thing from you and thanks for that .There is word bestival.See you again

its too interesting this article, i can say the same in my country ,   we have  a lot festivals at year , you can find topically food and all kind of music,  we have typically band in the Dominican republic, the music here is so amazing,  i just let you with this question, do you know  how Juan Luis Guerra is ?  

Brazil is a musical country, we've got some musical festival, for example, Rock in Rio, a Brazilian Musical Festival, it's happened in other country: Portugal, Spain, Argentina...But our biggest festival is Carnaval, a traditional popular event. In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo samba School walk in a street floats and fantasy dress!

Hi, everyone. Music is great.

The most famous musical venue in Russia is Maxidrom. It`s international rock-festival where take part Brainstorm, Placebo and other well-known bands. 
Maxidrom is very important festival for all Russians rock-bands. 
As for me, I don`t like Russians artists. My favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers.