Messing about in boats is a British obsession. Richard visits Portland and Weymouth's Olympic harbour and finds out if he's got what it takes to win a medal on the water.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

Which answers are true? There may be more than one.


Task 3

Drag the right words into the gaps.


Task 4

Correct the correct word to complete each sentence.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I think it is fair to say that water sports are popular in China. I mean a lot of people are dedicated fans for swimming and diving. But I am not entirely sure if swimming and diving are among the water sports under this question. Some Chinese athletes do well in sailing as well. We've got quite a few world class medals in this type of competitive sport from Olympics or other top matches.

If I was going to represent my country in any of these games, I probably would feel very stressed. There would be thoughts, like what if I lose, what if I slip, what if I miss the ball, what if I let everybody, down going on and on in my mind. I probably would be excited as well. I would have been through a series of preparation which helped me to be in my best condition and there would be sports psychologist as well who suppressed my negative thoughts and filled me with confidence. I really don't know.

Sports are really not my thing. So if there was an unusual sport which would not making me tired, giving me sore muscles, and just as comfortable as crouching on the couch, I am going to be committed to it, seriously, I am.

oh no, don't give much thought to it, just do it. I am sure you will give a great performamce! :)

Dear LearnEnglish Team,
I am delighted that I've finished watching the videos, completed the exercises and did leave my comments in these series of Britain is Great, however; I would like to know about Jobs, is working in Great Britain Great? What is the popular or in demand jobs there?
Thank you very much, I've learned a lot and improved myself. My biggest challenge would be self-confidence.
Again, thank you and more power!

Hello caryle,

That's a very open question and isn't really an area which we here at LearnEnglish deal with, I'm afraid. There are many sources on the internet where you can find information about working the UK, including government sites such as this one.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Oh.. pardon me Peter I didn't realize that, I just thought. Anyway, thank you so much for helping.

Absolutely, our country participated in the Olympics since summer 1928-proud to say that we had won medals. It would be an honour to represent my country in the Olympics or Paralympics. I would like to try Figure Skating, it’s not unusual but it’s a great sport.

Dear LearnEnglish Team,
Richard said "Snug! This is the Official Test Centre, next to the sailing academy" and "Now, where did I put my cricket bat?" May I know the meaning of Snug and Cricket bat?
Thank you and more power!

Hello caryle,

You can find the answers to such questions by using the Cambridge Dictionaries Online tool on the right of the page. Just type the word into the search window and click 'Look it up!' to dind definitions, examples and more.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter,
Thanks a lot. Right, I need to see at the dictionary on the right side of the page. Maybe i was stupefied. :(

Thank you so much for doing this Kirk. Unfortunately, I can only see the Pdf transcripts not the activities. Any suggestions?

Thank you again