Messing about in boats is a British obsession. Richard visits Portland and Weymouth's Olympic harbour and finds out if he's got what it takes to win a medal on the water.

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Are water sports popular in your country? 

Italy is a peninsula and our country has a continuous relationship with seaside. We have a long tradition about sailing and shipbuilding. Lately, Giovanni Soldini and his crew sailed from HongKong to London, the Tea Route, and his Maserati team broke the early record of nearly a week less.
Italian people are interested in water sports, specially in the Olympics, and many athletes attend for games as divers, swimmers, subs. Though I do not consider very common for people here regularly to swim and practise water sports. Even if the synonym between summer holidays and going to seaside stays a “must” for the majority of our population.

How would you feel if you represented your country in the Olympics or Paralympics? 

Well, if I were an outstanding athlete, I would be proud to represent my country and I would do my best to contend medals and break records. I would feel even sense of responsibility towards my coaches and sporting mates, to do my best respecting rules. Actually, I still believe that sports spirits have a lot to do with fair-play, hard work and healthy cure of the body. In any case, it will stay an far-away hypothesis, fortunately for my country, because I am a sport-loving watcher but am not a sporting person at all!

Is there an unusual sport you would like to try?

Well, I would like to train myself to compete in free diving. I love the sea and I am good at yoga, working well with deep and long breathing. I won’t compete with great Olympics swimmers, but maybe there would be a chance going into deep.