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Business and ethics

Listen to an extract from a lecture on business and ethics.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.


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Upper intermediate: B2


That's very interesting

Its informative

Both business ethics and the corporate social responsibility are the primary goals of each company in creating of a prosperous and inclusive society. Business ethics is known as the system of moral and ethical beliefs that guides the values, behaviours and decisions of a business organization.

Excellent exercise and excellent podcast.
There are topics in the article that not always is clear for everybody, and nowadays is very critical to attend this issues.
- Enviromental
- Energy consumption and waste management

interesting task! Good job.

Hi there,
I'm new member. It was really interesting topic. I don't really know about business and some rule in it. I'm interested in if lot's of companies use this rule and warn it. I hope that another topic will be helpful and useful for me. I have a little problem with task 1. I supposed that i don't really understand it. I hope that next time will be better.
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Dear! Sir
i am a new member. would you please explain this sentences:
Now i'll look at some basic ethical considerations that a company needs to address. The first area is how the company treats its employees.
i could use this sentences ( The first area is how the company treats their employees)
i see some sentences in this paragraph used ( its ) why, how?
Thank you

Hello Tai le,

I'm happy to try to help you with the sentence but I'm not sure what exactly the point of confusion is. What exactly in the sentence is not clear? Is the use of one of the words or phrases confusing, or perhaps a grammar structure? If you can be as specific as possible then we'll be better able to help you.


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Dear Sir/Madam

A bout your broadcasting ,it is awesome.But something really involved my mind is;what is literally difference between this accent and the one in real IELTS exam, I mean the British one.

Your guidance is highly appreciated and I am Looking forward to you answer.

Yours faithfully ,
Mousa roustaean

Hello Mousa,

In the IELTS you can hear many different accents, not just one. We try to have a variety of British accents in our recordings and videos. By the way, if you are preparing for the IELTS, I'd recommend you take a look at our IELTS section and at TakeIELTS, where there is lots of useful information and free practice materials.

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