Unit 1: Email addresses

Email addresses are essential in business – do you know how to say them correctly?

Email addresses

Every email address contains this sign: . Here are some email addresses:


As you can see, Bob uses his first name only in his email address: bob@yahoo.bh. Jeffery Amherst uses his first name and surname in his email address: jeffery.amherst@britishcouncil.org. The address reservations@beachhotelbern.com gives the name of the department (Reservations), but not the name of the person.

Saying email addresses

When you say an email address:

  • remember that @ is pronounced ‘at’ and . is pronounced 'dot'. reservations@beachhotelbern.com is ‘reservations at beach hotel bern dot com’
  • sometimes there is a . in the person's name. jeffery.amherst@britishcouncil.org is ‘jeffery dot amherst at british council dot org’
  • _ in an email address is called ‘underscore’. teaching_ job@english_academy.id is ‘teaching underscore job at English underscore academy dot I D’.

Note that it is not necessary to use capital J and A in Jeffery Amherst's email address. People sometimes write email addresses with capital initial letters (Jeffery.Amherst@britishcouncil.org). Sometimes it is all in capitals (JEFFERY.AMHERST@BRITISHCOUNCIL.ORG). However, most people write email addresses without capital letters (jeffery.amherst@britishcouncil.org).

Address books

Email addresses appear in alphabetical order (A–Z). When names start with the same letter, look at the second letter. Here, all the names begin with F, but the second letters are: e i r u. These are in alphabetical order.

Name Email address
Fellah fellah@bqbaccounting.com
Fida fhussein@arabianairways.org
Fred Aston fred99@astoncity.biz
Fudail H fudailh@aglant.net


Domain names

Email addresses often include the name of the country that the address is from. This is the final two letters of the address. Here are some examples:

.af Afghanistan
.id Indonesia
.ma Morocco
.se Sweden
.uy Uruguay

Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2
Intermediate: B1

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Hello Sokheng BTB,

Not all email addresses show what country the person, company or organisation is from -- this is the case of the first one you ask about. But some email addresses do show the country (like the second one). I'm afraid I can't say for sure whether both email addresses belong to the same person or not; sometimes they do, but I'm not sure that it is always the case.

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Hello Ahmed Shallal

Have you looked through our Reading and Writing skills sections? I believe that in all of the levels for each skill, you will find at least one example of an email. Some of them are informal, and some are formal.

Good luck!

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Hello zabiullah

Sorry about that! Just so you know, after you check your answers, you can press the 'See Answers' button to see the results. This is true of any exercise on our site.

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Hello shamsukprm

I'm afraid we're not able to correct our users' texts. If you have a question about a specific phrase or short sentence, we can help you with that, though we ask that you explain to us what specific part of it you are unsure about.

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