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Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Learn how to talk about the different parts of an email in English.

Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Sending and receiving emails

Read the email below and then do the tasks. Task 3 asks you questions about the email below.

Task 3: Starting an email

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From: Samir
To: Sales Team
CC: Hatem Trabelsi; Patricia Bartlett
Subject: RE: Meeting next week
Attachments: New proposal.rtf (376KB)

Hello Sales Team,

I’ve got an idea for next week – see the attached file. I’d like to hear what you think about my suggestion.
I think Hatem and Patricia may be interested, so I’ve copied them in too. Let’s talk more at the meeting next week.

Regards, Samir


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Very useful and helpful,thanks a lot.

Useful email

This is very useful.

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Thanks Mentor, I appreciate you so much. I am ignorant about a lot of emailing things. But I belief that through this course I will learn more about emailing. Thanks once more.

dear teacher:
Sorry to bother you. i am to sure about the meaning of "forward". And I also don't know the full spelling of the abbreviation of "CC". Could you tell me about them? thank you !

Hello zhuangxiaoming,

When you forward an email you send it to someone new. For example, John sends Paul an email. Paul thinks that Sue would be interested in the email and so he forwards it to her - in other words he sends the email which he received to another person.

CC stands for 'carbon copy'. You can see a definition here.


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The LearnEnglish Team

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