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Change management

Listen to a consultant talking about the basic stages of the change process and the people in a change management team.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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Well, The Covid 19 has forced us to learn how to work from home, as quickly as possible.

Some years ago I was an auditor on Finance, we used a lot of paper to make our work, writting or copies, but after some years, all the data should be included in a computer program as files. It made easier the job of the team and the management revision.

I have been in many differents situations where included changes in the work structure and management of my workplace. Some of them, have been good for the employees and others not at all. For instance, due to the pandemic, we had to close off almost 90% percent of our factories (shoes production). The lack of production and the needing to be lockdown, affects all the teamwork of the business. Despite of the crisis has affected significantly, the management team of the business has been working so hard to maintain a balance and keep all the staff with their benefits, such as the monthly wage, the business medical insurance and other stuff.

I have not experienced a big change in my company till the covid-19 came. our company started to think about surviving and find out how to make our strategies be consistent with the new situation.

Totally agree... Such action needs to be planned, communicated & implemented carefully.

I work as a Business Support and since one years ago comes implementing and developing operations procedures to expand a new division from Perú to region Latam. This include organizational changes what affect ways how team members have been doing their tasks.

I have never experienced some big changes during the work for same employer. I experienced big changes when I changed company, but after few months I got used to new work environment.

I started my job as developer, then four years later I became a Business Analist, it was a successful changover for me because I could take experience in another job, I learned about new topics, that now I got a great experience for my professional profile.

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