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Line management

Listen to part of a radio programme where a manager is talking about dealing with staff.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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No, I have not. Nevertheless, I'm like the teamwork project manager of the group homeworks from my University.
I have to get ideas for the project and then I have to explain them to the rest of the team. I consider that the most important thing in my teamwork is the respect; if people people don't agree with my ideas, they still have to respect them.
I also have to encourage the teamwork and set a time limit for people to hand in their parts of the project and they know that if they don't hand in their parts before the time limit, I will not consider them in the project presentation. Nevertheless, there's an exception which is that someone has personal troubles such as some members of their family came down with covid-19 or with any other dangerous illness; it is so difficult I understand that kind of situation
Overall, that's all what I do. It is not exactly line-managed staff, but I think they are somewhat related.

Yes, when I was working in an Audit Firm, I had 10 people in my team every year, they were all young, they needed to be excited about the job. Of course I could meet very proffesional people and other not so responsible. A good communication was the key. In my next job, I was responsible for 4 people, not so young as the team in the Audit Firm, I needed to change my management tools with this new team.

I've worked in line-managing positions and although I found it very exciting, yet it's challenging sometimes...

In my opinion, I think anyone works in line-managing positions has to be help staff achieve the goals by making them understand the importance of the roles they play in the business/operation cycle. When the employee understands that her/his good performance will result in accomplishing the organisation ultimate goals, which will result in flourishing the the org. and that will be reflected positively on her/him in the shape of stable career, bonus, appreciations...etc. surely she/he will work hard. Another very important thing which is the line-managers have to create a working environment to help the employees feel she/he is appreciated, secured, respected... etc.

I am working in IT outsource company. So our employees report to 2 sides - our company and client company. And I would say it is hard to build this relationship with your subordinates when you know they should follow client processes as well.

managing the staffs is a challenging task, because upon my experiences there will be at least one or two bad eggs in your team. so finding the flexible ways to approach and lead them with transparent disciplines and visions are fundamental goals to lead the team.

Yes, I did.

I have never been formally in that position but in fact I have influence on developing on two young colleagues. I would like to impose strong influence on them in order to educate them and make them better lawyers.

No, I haven't.
In my opinion, a good manager needs to know the work process well and be able to communicate with the team.

Yes. I had.

Have you ever line-managed staff? No, I haven't.
I hope I will try in the future.