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Managing conflict

Listen to some people trying to resolve a dispute at work with the help of a mediator.

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Hi every one
In every workplace there are problems and conflicts , it's arisen from employers thoughts and behaviors , As it s said in the podcast people have different thoughts and different ways to work , so these visions make problems wish it develops to conflicts if it isn’t stopped at the right time .
I think , poor conditions can produce and develop conflicts , we see in some companies where conditions of work are bad big troubles .
In my administration we have some troubles , some employers don’t do their obligations and tasks and try to leave them to other colleagues , honestly, they want to earn more money and work less .

It is not easy to resolve conflict at work after all. Because conflict arisen not only due to differences in personality but also due to conflict of interests of individual. The moderator must be objective when he is obligated to resolve the conflict. The decision must be made for the benefit of the company rather than individual.


in fact, we all have to deal with our own conflicts. they are our desire to do something and our reason.but why we do that without caring about the consequences? may be it's because we just want to enjoy a comfortable life. do what we want.but not very often. we control these things in a certain limit..and do not force ourself to stick to much to any rule..let yourself released. you will see another human inside you, you know you can do that without harming people around you.eating too much sweet cake is not good but a piece of it is ok.,talking but not talk yourself hoarse. in conflictive situations, i always keep silent at first, but then i talk to them first,i can't stand the hated feeling caused by the problem.(an argument. misunderstand).i just want to have fun and feel at ease when i am with everybody. i'm very sensitive and easily feel hurt if anything happen that make me feel something has gone can't separate yourself from the other in your neighborhood, your group or class, even an organization.TOLERANCE is the best way to mingle yourself with the the university, group learning happen very he often. to be honest. the first time i considered myself a leader and ask people to  follow my words .unexpectedly, they bring out their own opinions and new ideas ,and redo things from the start. but you know. i gradually get familiar with this style of working. very effective and funny. we understand and learn from each other. i feel quite disappointed at first cause i've been trying to finish everything quite quickly and think that they will satisfy with what i did.however. working with them help me complete the task more successfully and perfectly.I WANT TO SEND MY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY. wish you all have a happy new year.

Hello all,
Many thanks for British Council team who create the wonderful platform for all of us.
The progarm is very useful to enrich the knowlegde. Furthermore, the accent is so beautiful that I never feel tired for listening.
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I am a new English learner and lover. For me it will be a challenge to reach an advanced level in English, it's just so interesting and exciting to can communicate freely with other people from foreign countries.
Guys you are going an excellent job doing this and maintaining this web page open to everyone who are eager to learn English.
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Hi! Everybody, I'm a new member & Bangladeshi! Thanks all.

To start a project in a company is difficult, first, the people always are resisted to change your ways of work and think and second the people might feel scared to be fired. for that reasons, the project must be implemented with careful and intelligence to reach the success.
Thank you for your podcast.

Hello Jovan,
I would like to add that in order to implement a project within a Company, no matter in which field, there will be necessary or rather mandatory to have the management's support.
I have a lot of experience concerning the implementation of new project within the organization, for example I have coordinated the project team in charge with implementation within our Company of an internal control system in accordance with Sarbanes - Oxley regulations, it wasn't easy to do this but a have gained a lot of experience. In my opinion, along with management support it is imperative to communicate in an efficient way with all stuff and envolved employees.

Hello everyone, I'm a new member of this website and I think it's a great opportunity to improve our English.
Relating this topic I want to figure out what's the meaning of "sort out" as well as "half-asleep"
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