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Work burnout

Listen to the guests on this radio chat show speaking about the difference between work-related stress and burnout.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


Q.2 of Task 1, is the correct answer FALSE because Steve HAS RECOVERED from work burnout?

Hello M19,

Yes, that is correct. He did suffer from burnout, but he no longer suffers from it now.

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for the confirmation, Kirk.

Interesting topic. Youre not only learning english but also learning the difference between stress and burnout. This happened to me 4 months ago when I've been feeling burnout at work till I realized I was depressed so I took a break and meditate myself.

I've already suffered from a burnout in my life. I felt really depressed and hopeless and my behaviour changed deeply. It was too difficult to me

So, I started to socialize and work out to reduce the effects of the burnout I suffered

Yes. I knew.

I think everyone, everywhere have different type of stress /stress at home, stress at work, stress of money, now with COVID-19 that`s restriction and alerts and other/ each that when is combination is evident in our job, in our family live... Yes, maybe really people when people doesn`t feel good, a blues... They should go to therapy, they should speak with someone, even they can cook, learn something, painting... I think when someone is stressed he should to speak about that.

Sank you four this radio chat, it was vairy interesant, The girl who speak has a beautiful voice, I think im in love.
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Je vous prie d'agréer l'expression de mes respectueuses salutations,
Thank you,
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it is very useful.

yes it is true