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Episode 03

Marcia calls the candidates to give them details of the interview.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


The conversationis are between the HR Marcia and the candidates who are being invited to an interview.  The information about a job interview is very useful. The techniques in making response and raising questions are well presented, too. It helps me a lot in spoken English and in job hunting. Thank you very much indeed!

i like that good to do your all team i am glade to here your all team .......

its very good to learn people conversation also pronounciation and actually for forign its very important i regret that and happy because this exact what im looking for ..regards

mokhloss i khadem

Hello, everyone
I liked the episode. In some places it was hard to understand what they were talking about, but in general I enjoyed the chalenge and exercises. As well as, I found the information about different types of interviews useful and topical.
Thank you, for the episode.

This episode is very interesting, because shows in how many ways person could be interviewed.

a little awkward to be informal

This episode talk about the recruitment that happend in the Europe. As in Cambodia most of employers are looking for an employees who has an experience with the role which they are seeking for and also pay low salary ranking for those students who has no experience and they just post graduated BBA Degree.
I just make a research and i found this website sound good to me to see how the bussiness like for international country.

This video is very usefull for my comprehension and for learning new words.The video will be very usefull for a future work in england and i could be recruit!

This video tells about the interview appointment and a new recuitment. There are two candidates, a young woman and a man. The interview itself will be done in three parts. First, interviewer will give simple questions about the new candidate. Then, they will give them more specific questions such, example about their personal statements. The last part will be a short presentation about the future of the company.
If someone of you find some mistakes on my comment  above, please let me know. It'll be good for me to improve my english. Hehehe Thx

I just can understand around 50% of the dialogue, however, I can understand 100% after read the script.