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Episode 04

Daniel's interview doesn't go too well. What mistakes does he make?

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Nowadays there are some people who put in their CVs what they are not actually are/did. so they end up with nothing good but disappointment instead.
As we can understand from the video, apart from his Unprofessional behavior he is also lair and disrespectful man. He should speak politely and try to convince the recruiter that he has the necessary qualifications and skills for this position.

He is liar . he is not flexible at all . He doesn't have a vision.

He was arrogant and not serious. He was lying. He wasn't trying to convince recruiters that he is the right person on this position.

The right person *for ...

I recommend to Daniel, that doesn't be arrogant neither lier.
Also, He should be support their experience with clear examples related to the position.

Daniel's has an ambition that may be a good point, but he is over confidence and he should be professional.

He showed up wearing an informal outfit. He should have dressed with a suit. He lied on his CV, he made them believe that he actually was interested in rock climbing and that he was able to speak mandarin fluently. Lying on your Cv is not professional. After that , he was arrogant when he said that all business deals were easy cake for him and when he told how he badly handled a situation where the managee wasn´t showing motivation and effort.

I would say he was absolutely arrogant and ostentatious—the way he greeted the interviewers, his body language, and his answers made the situation worse. He should be honest and detailed. No one wants an unethical person to be hired!

Daniel was very self-confident during the meeting, I think that it is a positive feature. By contrast, maybe, he was too much self-confident, so I can't note any positive aspect of Daniel's meeting.
He has to improve several things, above all he must be more clear and sincere about his skills. I noticed that he has magnified his capabilities, for instance his speaking level of mandarin.

Points to improve : well all the contrary of what he done:
-modify his CV and adjust it to he reality of its skills and experience ie he is clearly not fluent in Chinese, he has no experience of management, he probably never practised climbing and so on and think afterwards about examples he can give to prove the reality of his CV.
-be more careless in his way of standing and speaking. He should wear more conventional clothes adapted to the job he applies for.
-even if he plans to stay no more than necessary in the company he should not say so and express his interest in the company and its field of activity.