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Episode 05

Sarah goes for her interview. How will she do?

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Sarah well prepared for the interview, she replied to the interviewers' question concisely and to the points which also matched what she mentioned on the CV, which I think she has impressed the interviewers. She responsible to questions not haughty nor humble, keep suitable eye contact and smiling face.

Sara looks and behaves like a pro. She answers smartly on question s. She cares about the climate and environment which confirm that she is a responsible person.

Sara was a good candidate. She saluted the interviewers, dressed according to the formal situation of the interwiev, and answered confidently. She know how to handle management problems using dialogue as the main tool to solve it.

That was cool ngl

Sarah did a typical interview,she was great ,i admire he and she triggered the admiration of the interviewers , i can't find any weak points of Sarah during interview , she had a proper formal uniform , suitable body language , maintain eye contact with a slight smile on her face .
She prepared herself perfectly before the interview,she gave short good answer for the questions in accurate and confident way with hesitation,she remained calm and natural, and she has read about likely future company and that's indicates about her professtionlizm .

Sarah did a great interview. I can't spot any negative point in her meeting. She had right outfit, right behavior and also she remained calm and natural.
She has shown curiosity doing some questions about the sustainable policies adopted by company, this has triggered the appreciation of Marcia and the CEO.
At the and she has confirmed her skills, without exaggerating them.

Sarah has a very polite and respectuous behaviour but still she is smiley and remains natural. She is well dressed as she would expected to be if meeting customers. She clearly and accurately answer the questions giving the feeling of a professional and reliable person. She shows empathy and ability to listen and discuss whenever issues occured.
The reason why she wants to move on is receivable for the interviewers.
The only point to improve would be perhaps to find a question more open-ended in order that it does not embarrass the employer in case it can not answer.

She was good
she will have this job for sure

Sarah is the perfect candidate for the job. She's very nice, knows hot to manage an interview by explaining her best practices in the past, all real. She's interested all the time in the offer, and when the intervierwers ask her if she has questions, she asks for the environment politics of the company.

Opposite the other candidate, Sarah is my favourite to get the job.

The good point about Sarah is that she has insights to what is required, but the bad points is that she don't know how to handle a challenging deal.